We Teach Photographers How To Attract More Clients Consistently For Higher Profits...

Without Complicated Systems, Breaking The Bank, Or Ever Buying Another Overpriced "Rockstar's Course" Again!

No more hoarding expensive classes you won't watch! We decided that instead of selling individual courses that only cause confusion and create learning gaps, we created a complete success path system that will take you through the entire process of identifying your perfect client, learning how to attract them, and consistently growing the photography business you have already dreamed of. 

Your membership includes a library of premium courses, including The Photographer Success Path-A Complete Business Course for Photographers, a Template Vault that includes a library of marketing & email templates, ads/sales copywriting, and contracts and releases, and a Private Facebook group where we host weekly live group coaching calls.

Lori Keefer

... a lot of what we have accomplished is directly related to our membership in this group and mentoring by Paul & Melissa...

Lori Keefer

We're pretty excited! We have been chosen as speakers at the NECCC Photography Conference next July in Amherst, MA! We are upping our game... going next level...taking what we have worked hard to perfect and paying it forward. I will be teaching classes on branding photography and Jerry will be teaching his automotive fine art. and again... a lot of what we have accomplished is directly related to our membership in this group and mentoring by Paul & Melissa. No way I would have had the confidence to work with high-level entrepreneurs doing their branding shoots much less teaching others about it 3 years ago! and you guys were the only ones that believed in us with the car photography. Jerry has been landing some pretty influential commissions lately. ;)

Bundle includes

Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle.

A Success Path for Photographers

You'll have clarity on what you should be focusing on in your business, with deep dive training and support with YOUR needs in mind.

Planning Strategy
Create a new roadmap for your photography business with new belief systems & outline actionable goals

Building Strategy
Set up your photography business with the right structures & systems in place to make it sustainable & profitable

Influencing Strategy
Purposely brand & market your photography business in the market to make it a desirable choice

Monetizing Strategy
Creating profit in your photography business & guide your clients to make an informed buying decision

Refining Strategy
Creating raving fans and the perfect client experience where your professionalism speaks & sells itself

There's a Template For That!

Marketing your photography business can be overwhelming and the design process can take your eyes off of the important things you need to focus on. No longer struggle with not knowing what to say in your emails, contract or marketing materials. We have you covered with a variety of plug and play, pre-designed templates. 

Email Templates

Praises From Amazing Members

Don't just take our word for it...check out what the Members have to say on how this community has changed their business and lives!

“My biggest a-ha was owning my power as a professional photographer and having the support behind me.”

-Trish Kozola

“If I only had one membership as a business it would be the association. We get the most out of this association than any others.”

-Lori & Jerry Keefer

“If you really want to grow your business and get something out of it, this is absolutely the place you can do that.”

-Debbie Bombin

“I had spent thousands of dollars on education and got tired of the instructors disappearing. What I like about Paul and Melissa is they haven’t disappeared, are supportive, and have helped me tremendously.”

-Larry Sacks

“The community has helped give us a lot of focus where before we were floundering doing everything on our own.”

-Jim Cairns & Alyssa Harrington

If you are ready for a change, looking to take back control of your life, and invest in yourself by creating a successful and profitable photography business that you love to wake up to everyday...

Then YES!!

Photographer Entrepreneur is right for you!

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